What is inbound calling?

Inbound calling is all customers’ incoming calls that ring on your 2nd number account through your phone or computer devices. Inbound callings are not limited to your customers alone; inbound calls can also come from your employees. A help desk or receptionist handles all inbound call from your customers.

Answering Calls

Answering calls is a crucial part of any business. 2nd Number has made it easy and possible if you choose to answer all incoming phone calls by yourself. Simply enter caller’s information into the system and start receiving inbound calls yourself.


As your business grows and customer base expands, your inbound calls will expand too. 2nd Number platform is designed to handle all businesses inbound call expansion efficiently. Stop money wastage on outdated hardware and utilize our digital self-serve service to grow your business even bigger.


Recording calls are one of the ways to maintain a quality level of customer service; it can help for legal compliance, staff training as well as improving leads and sales. You can record your inbound calls with regulatory guidelines and to improve your customer service quality. All recording calls are stored on a final call message. Listen to your inbound calls right on your mobile device or computer. All calls recorded are secure and private.

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Outbound Calling

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